Ditch and Switch: Generic Supplements for Oil-Infused Supplements

Ditch & Switch: Generic Supplements for Oil-Infused Supplements

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As the gatekeepers of our homes we have such a great opportunity to bring in healthy products and create healthy habits for ourselves and families. Join us this month as we make a simple swap with a big impact. Ditch generic drugstore supplements for the essential oil-infused supplements from Young Living! 
One of the biggest changes you can make for overall health and longevity is with your supplement routine. Supplements that are infused with essential oils are a HUGE win. Essential oils improve absorption, assimilation within the body and utilization of  all the amazing vitamins, minerals and herbs that we are ingesting with supplements. So ditch the drugstore varieties for oil-infused ones! 
  • Pure, clean, sustainability sourced ingredients
  • No unnecessary fillers, colors, dyes, parabens or artificial flavors 
  • Infused with essential oils to enhance absorption, improve assimilation within the body and allow for more effective results 
  • Convenient to order with subscription options 
  • Options for daily health and targeted needs 
  • Formulations are well studied and effective 
YL SUPPLEMENTS V. CONVENTIONAL OPTIONS When it comes to supplements, most of what you’ll find over the pharmacy counter or at the health food stores is subpar. There are some formulations that have decent ingredients, but the majority are lacking. Even the natural ones! So many companies use diligent s and fillers that exacerbate allergies or cause inflammation, and that doesn’t even account for artificial colors and flavors.
Young Living supplements are different. Not only are they sustainably sourced, they include only what is necessary for the formulation. They are also infused with essential oils, which improve absorption and assimilation. This means that our bodies take in more of the vitamins and minerals and are able to utilize it much easier. This is a huge win! We have products that work better, so we are truly investing in our health on a daily basis. 
Young Living has a substitute for just about any vitamin, mineral or herbal supplement you’re taking! 
Not sure where to start? Grab these everyday favorites:
  • Master Formula:
    • This convenient packet is your multivitamin and is great for any adult. You can use this as a prenatal option as well! 
  • Super C Chewable:
    • Vitamin C is an incredible health tool - immune and respiratory support, antioxidants and anti-aging. Ditch the drugstore pills and sugary packets for these whole-food Super C Chewables! 
  • Super Vitamin D
    • Vitamin D is an essential supplement! Research has shown tha Vitamin D is a key player in immune, respiratory, mental and emotional health, and that basically everyone is deficient. Adding it to your daily routine is a great habit! 
  • Super B
    • B vitamins are responsible for energy, growth, longevity and mental clarity, among other important actions. They are also not stored in the body, making daily supplementation key. Super B includes all the health-supporting B vitamins that your body craves! 
  • Life 9
    • Digestive health is critical to overall health. More and more research shows us that a happy, diverse set of bacteria in the gut is a cornerstone of overall health and longevity, and Life 9 is a great choice for promoting this! 


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