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The opening of the Young Living Academy in Chongón, Ecuador in 2009 marked the genesis of The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. The Young Living Academy was established in response to Young Living Founders Gary and Mary Young whom, in tandem with building and expanding the Young Living Finca Botanica Farm and Distillery, sought ways to help the surrounding community affected by struggling rural economies, poor education, and under-resourced schools.

“All children should have access to education and the resources necessary to grow into confident, self-reliant leaders who can take control of their own health, provide for their families, and positively change their community.” –  D. Gary Young | Young Living Founder

Over the years, the Young Living Foundation has evolved into the primary avenue through which Young Living Essential Oils demonstrates its commitment to helping families and communities worldwide. Today, the Young Living Foundation continues to support partners and programs around the globe. Hear stories from the field right here

One very simple way that you can make a difference through the Young Living Foundation is by rounding up every order! Use the Dollar Up option when checking out. A handful of pennies can make a big difference when we come together.

There are many ways you can get involved in the work of the Young Living Foundation - one time donations, monthly donations, ordering through Amazon Smile, and much more. Find ways to get involved with this powerful, life changing work. Plus, Young Living covers all of the administrative costs so 100% of your donation goes to our partners and projects to provide a direct impact

Lack of education prevents the economic and social development of some of the most disenfranchised parts of our world. Education can lead to higher income, improved health, gender equality, and can prevent poverty from continuing to the next generation.  Ensuring access to quality education is how the Young Living Foundation started with the opening of the Young Living Academy in Ecuador in 2009. Learn more.

“Everything I learned at the Young Living Academy motivates me to want to help others, to give my best, to discover what is in me, and to be the best version of myself.” – Ximena Vallejo | Young Living Academy 2020 Graduate

Today, more than 350 children are receiving quality education, and many Academy graduates have continued to pursue higher education at various universities. The growth and success of the Young Living Academy has been made possible by many Young Living brand partners around the world who have donated to the school over the years and stepped in to sponsor individual students. Even today, the majority of the Academy’s costs continue to be funded entirely by Young Living brand partners and employees.

Currently by the numbers…
  • 100,445 Individuals who received alternative, vocational, or job-readiness education
  • 38 Students supported in higher education through our Global Leadership Fund 
  • 6,541Students with increased access to basic education

The YL Foundation works to invest in programs that help women living in challenging socioeconomic conditions build marketable skills, start small businesses, and secure fair wages and ethical work. Research consistently shows that women spend up to 90% of their income earnings on things that directly benefit their children and families—prioritizing things like healthier food, safe water, school fees, and medicine. When women thrive economically, their children are empowered and protected. Learn more

“Because of my hard work, my children have enough to eat and are enjoying going to school. My son Joram wants to be an engineer. Now my children can dream, and so can I.” – Namyalo Eva | Artisan at Mabira Collective

The YL Foundation awards capacity building grants to women-led enterprises that provide fair wages to otherwise disenfranchised groups, and whose unique business models generate both monetary profit as well as sizable social returns. 

Currently by the numbers...
  • 809,909 fair-pay hours provided
  • 12,481dependents supported
  • 9,859 women entrepreneurs and artisans supported
The YL Foundation’s unique focus on handcraft stems from this global industry being the second largest employer of women worldwide. They have connected with over 15 women-led artisan groups from around the world to build stronger business models through microgrants and connect artisans to mindful consumers within the Young Living global marketplace.

What's bigger than California's population? The number of human trafficking victims around the world… Slavery still exists, and the YL Foundation is out to end it. Learn more

Examples of forms of exploitation the foundation is committed to help eradicate include: domestic servitude, forced labor, child abuse, sex trafficking, forced marriage, debt bondage, and forced street begging.

“I would like to become an expert in social work. Most of all, I want to become a person who helps with matters relating to society. Each person has their own dream, and they need others to help them achieve it. Without help from others, I would not be who I am right now.” – Chanmoni | Human Trafficking Survivor

Since 2016, the Young Living Foundation has been committed to helping victims of abuse and survivors of labor and sexual exploitation. Modern slavery is a complex issue, and thus requires a multi-dimensional approach. We partner with programs that tackle prevention, rescue, recovery, reintegration, and policy reform— with the ultimate goal of enabling freedom, healing, and sustainable independence.

Currently by the numbers…
  • 12,551 Participants trained on human trafficking prevention and awareness
  • 1,659 Survivors returned to family-based care
  • 6,074 Provided with aftercare rehabilitation services

From artisans in historic Bethlehem to Afghani women refugees in Utah, we have discovered heartwarming stories and the bright dreams each artisan has for themselves and their children. Meet some of the amazing artisans and be inspired by their stories of resilience, hope, and triumph. Meet the Artisans


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