Intro to the Foundation Partnerships

The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation has vetted and partnered with some amazing organizations across the globe. As NGOs, we share a vision to serve the underserved and to elevate those who may be limited by opportunity or education. You can learn more about all of these organizations on our website or by viewing one of the playlists here on YouTube. 

The Young Living Academy is how the Foundation began. Gary Young saw a need near the Young Living farm in Ecuador and helped rebuild the local school. Ten years later, the school has expanded. With several graduating classes and additional programs, we are empowering the future leaders of Ecuador and its communities. 

Rebuild Nepal was a project that Gary Young felt passionately about. After the earthquakes devastated the country of Nepal, the Foundation set up operations in the small village of Yarsa to help rebuild 100 homes and the primary school, which became the second Young Living Academy. Once the homes had been rebuilt, our efforts continued to assist in rebuilding other schools and women's co-op buildings. 

Hope for Justice is an organization that operates around the world with the mission to end modern-day slavery in our lifetime. 

Sole Hope works to eradicate a harmful parasite in Uganda called a jigger. Their efforts to educate, treat, and prevent have saved and changed lives and communities. Jiggers can cause discomfort, infection, and worse, but they also cause shame and ostracization from the community. Sole Hope's Hope Center provides a facility where severe cases can be treated; while staff travels far and wide to school children in villages to where they wash, treat, and teach about what the jiggers are and how to prevent them moving forward; then fit them for their recognizable shoes. Made from denim and recycled tires, these shoes provide not only protection from these parasites, but also jobs for locals.  
Healing Faith Uganda has two operating malaria centers as well as a mobile unit. Their staff goes door to door in communities vulnerable to malaria to educate about the cause of malaria--mosquitos, how to prevent it, and treat those who have been infected. Malaria is a huge cause of sickness and death in vulnerable areas around Lake Victoria, and Healing Faith Uganda has taken on the task to work to eliminate the disease. 

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